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´╗┐Anger Management: Information on Recognizing Anger


Different people feel different level of anger. Some can handle it properly while some cannot handle it at all. To know the difference means identifying what type of anger you possess. This would give you the right information on the ways to treat it and the things you should do or people you should seek help.

1. Behavioral Anger. When the person experiences behavioral anger, he tends to become aggressive and tends to confront the subject of his anger. This is usually another person. Defiance, physical harm, and trouble making are the normal ways on how to express behavioral anger.

2. Chronic anger. A person experiencing chronic anger usually has no definite reason to become angry at all. He just hates himself, his life, the people next to him, the people around him, the situation he is into, and the world in general.

3. Constructive anger. A person who deals with this type of anger usually wants to correct something he has done in the previous. He wants to join a group or some movements to create positive change.

4. Deliberate anger. This type of anger usually occurs to a person who would like to take control over things, situation or groups. A person who uses this anger wants to have power, however, anger normally subsides if he can feel that he could not gain control over things, usually through opposition by another person.

5. Judgmental anger. A person with this type of anger expresses his emotion by putting down other people or humiliating others' abilities in front of other people. He would try to show his superiority in these ways.

6. Overwhelming anger. A person who does not like the situation he is into feels this type of anger. To get out of this, he usually finds ways to relieve the pain or stress, usually by hurting himself or other people verbally or physically.

7. Paranoid anger. Anger of this kind results to hating other people even if they don't do or take away anything from him. A person with paranoid anger is generally jealous and intimated with others.

8. Passive Anger. A person who feels this kind of anger does not show his anger directly. He does not confront his anger. He often uses other ways to express it. These include mocking the subject of his anger, using offensive words towards the subject, and treating the subject differently.

9. Retaliatory anger. This is the most common type of anger among men. It usually occurs when a person becomes angry because other person is angry with him.

10. Self-inflicted anger. The consequence of this type of anger is that the person experiencing it tends to hurt himself with a certain thing. A person with this type of anger punishes himself from the wrong thing he has done.

11. Verbal anger. This anger is expressed merely by words. The person with this type of anger speaks insulting words to the subject of his anger.

12. Volatile Anger. This type of anger is expressed either by physical assault or verbal abuse. But different from other types of anger, this type easily comes and goes. The level of anger also varies from mild to rage. It may explode suddenly or may pass away unnoticed. The magnitude and the duration of this anger depend on how the person handles it.

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